Welcome to the body health medium website.

Hi, my name is Felicity Scott, I am a skilled health practitioner.

I specialise in communication and I am committed in helping you.


I use the following skillset to help you:

- Mediumship

- Kinesiology

- Life Coaching

- Energy healing

- Health intuitive diagnostics

- Allergy resolution

My skills enable me to accurately verbalise your underlying health issues. In addition, I am a Medium that can connect with your beautiful loved ones that have passed over and your amazing Spirit Guides to give you messages of love and guidance.

How I can help you?

I am a Kinesiology health therapist using muscle testing to talk to your body is my specialty. The only requirement from you is an open mind, let me help you. By talking to your body and using my health intuitive skills, all your unanswered health questions can be answered.

Allergies are simple to resolve!

Using a kinesiology tapping technique even the most severe allergies can be resolved in minutes.
The allergy resolution technique I use is safe to use on everyone including babies and small children.

What techniques do I use?


Kinesiology Allergy Tapping

Life coaching

Health intuitive diagnostics


Energy healing

Body communication

Everyone can benefit from my services including children.

I operate a safe and effective therapy for everyone including babies. I use a combination of techniques to resolve all types of health issues. 


A health intuitive diagnostic session to reveal the core issues behind your health issues.

The session will reveal a plan of eating well, foods to avoid and actions to enhance your health.


Excellent for anyone that just cant understand whats going on with health.


Allergy Resolution

Testing across a broad spectrum of substances to find your allergies and then using a Kinesiology tapping technique to correct the allergies.


Excellent for anyone with known allergies or uncertain which allergies are inhibiting good health.

Spiritual Guidance & Mediumship

In this session we reach out to your beautiful Spirit Guides and ask for help and guidance across all areas of your life.


Receive encouragement and inspiration from your divine source, let your light shine.

A beautiful session for people to also experience a connection with loved ones passed over. 

Life Coaching

In this session we start by identifying your true want for your life.


Then we locate the factors that block your attainment of your success in the area you want.


Receive encouragement and inspiration you will leave with a task list to reach success.

A beautiful session to really understand yourself.

Kinesiology Meridian Balance

A full Kinesiology meridian body balance aligned to your choice of health or life goal. 

Such a rewarding session to understand the key emotions that are preventing good health.

Energy healing

An energy healing session will rebalance your energetic vibrations to resolve disturbances causing ill health.

A calming session that revives energy paths and releases blockages.

Excellent for general fatigue and those wanting to receive a boost of healing white light.

My first session with Felicity was fantastic. Very professional and welcoming environment. Felicity was very knowledgeable and I felt confident in her abilities and recommendations. I left the session feeling like a weight had lifted. I am looking forward to working with Felicity in the future. Highly recommend!

Wendy, Age 48

What Happens in a Session?
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    Allergy Session

 (example only)

  1. Take a history.

  2. Discuss with your body the one food to definitely omit from your diet.

  3. Discuss with your body the eating plan to follow to better your health.

  4. Find the substances you are allergic to and correct every allergy you've got.

  5. Repeat the allergy corrections over multiple session

  6. Set an expectation of when you will start to feel better.

    Health Intuitive Session

  (example only)

  1. Take a history.

  2. Use my Health intuitive gift to diagnose your main health issues

  3. Find and use Kinesiology techniques that will help resolve your issues.

  4. Continue to use techniques to help your body heal, this may take more than one session).

  5. Set an expectation of when you will start to feel better.

   Life Coaching Session

   (example only)

  1. Discuss your goal and the problems you are encountering.

  2. Set our intention for the session.

  3. Complete the life coaching techniques to break through your self sabotage.

  4. Agree an action plan to start you on the path of reaching your goal.

   Mediumship Session 

  (Example only)

  1. Discuss what you would like to cover in the session, i.e. contact loved ones or connect with spirit guides

  2. Connect and relay messages to you. (it is possible to record the session).

  3. Ask questions of your loved ones or spirit guides as you need.

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