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Welcome, my name is Felicity Scott, I am a medically intuitive medium and kinesiologist and I am happy to help you with your health.

During your session, I will use the following techniques to help you.

- Mediumship

- Kinesiology

- Life Counseling

- Reiki energy healing

- Health-intuitive mediumship

- Kinesiology allergy tapping

My skills enable me to help you on the way to a better life.

I also have experience dealing with children with seizures and would be happy to help you in all aspects of seizure resolution.

In addition, I am a Medium that can connect with your beautiful, loved ones that have passed and your wonderful spirit guides to give you messages of love and guidance.

How can I help you
How I can help you?

As a certified Healthcare Consultant, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first.


That’s why my mission is simple: give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures.


Get in touch to get started!

Allergies are simple to resolve!

Using a kinesiology tapping technique even the most severe allergies can be resolved in minutes.
The allergy resolution technique I use is safe to use on everyone including babies and small children.

What techniques do I use?


Kinesiology Allergy Tapping

Life coaching

Health intuitive diagnostics


Energy healing

Body communication

Everyone can benefit from my services including children.

I operate a safe and effective therapy for everyone including babies. I use a combination of techniques to resolve all types of health issues. 

Therapy Sessions
Medical health

A health intuitive diagnostic session to reveal the core issues behind your health issues.

The session will reveal a plan of eating well, foods to avoid and actions to enhance your health.


Excellent for anyone that just cant understand whats going on with health.

Allergy Resolution

Testing across a broad spectrum of substances to find your allergies and then using a Kinesiology tapping technique to correct the allergies.


Excellent for anyone with known allergies or uncertain which allergies are inhibiting good health.

Spiritual Guidance & Mediumship

In this session we reach out to your beautiful Spirit Guides and ask for help and guidance across all areas of your life.


Receive encouragement and inspiration from your divine source, let your light shine.

A beautiful session for people to also experience a connection with loved ones passed over. 

Life Counselling

Do you need to talk about what is happening in your life and for someone to listen to you?

In this session you can talk about anything in your life that needs to be verbalised.


I will listen with discernment and without prejudice to anything you need to talk about.


If you ask for advice I will happily guide you to discover ways that you can make the changes that you want to occur.

A session to relieve you of the build up of your inner volume.

Seizure Resolution

This session is to discuss the seizures that are occurring and to discover and agree a plan of action to resolve them to stop them from occurring.

The plan of action will include Kinesiology allergy testing and corrections. In addition to Reiki energy healing.

If the seizures are occurring to a young child, an adult surrogate can be involved in some of the action plan items.

My book on how to resolve allergies using Kinesiology allergy tapping is available on Amazon called

'How Allergy tapping stopped my daughter's seizures'. 

Read more here

Reiki Energy Healing

An energy healing session to rebalance your energetic vibrations and bring harmony to resolve disturbances causing ill health.

A calming session that revives energy paths and releases blockages.

Excellent for general fatigue and those wanting to receive a boost of healing white light.

The session includes a soothing massage of the hands, feet and head.


Wendy, Age 48

My first session with Felicity was fantastic. Very professional and welcoming environment. Felicity was very knowledgeable and I felt confident in her abilities and recommendations. I left the session feeling like a weight had lifted. I am looking forward to working with Felicity in the future. Highly recommend!
What happns in a session
What Happens in a Session?
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    Allergy Session

 (example only)

  1. Take a history.

  2. Test substances to find you allergies and correct the allergies.

  3. Repeat the allergy corrections over multiple sessions.

  4. Set an expectation of when you will start to feel better.

    Reiki Healing Session

  (example only)

  1. Take a history.

  2. Massage hands and feet while you discuss any issues you are experiencing.

  3. Use Reiki universal healing energy harmonisation techniques.

  4. Finish with a relaxing scalp massage to end the session.


    Medical Intuitive Session

  (example only)

  1. Take a history.

  2. Use my Health intuitive gift to diagnose your main health issues

  3. Discuss techniques that will help resolve your issues.

  4. Set an expectation of next steps when you will start to feel better.

   Life Counselling Session

   (example only)

  1. You verbalise your life goals and the problems you are encountering.

  2. I offer a listening ear without prejudice and with discernment on your intent.

  3. Advice offered when requested that assist you to find solutions to the problems.

   Mediumship Session 

  (Example only)

  1. Discuss what you would like to cover in the session, i.e. contact loved ones or connect with spirit guides

  2. Connect and relay messages to you. (it is possible to record the session).

  3. Ask questions of your loved ones or spirit guides as you need.


Give the gift of healing.

The perfect gift for any occasion is a gift card for a healing, mediumship, health, or counseling session.

A wonderful gift that would have a lasting effect on your loved ones life.

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